Our Team

We are a group of volunteers who love our city and are continuously amazed by our great community and impressed by its people. In our own way, we all make up our wonderful city… we hope you enjoy this great event that highlights creative ideas to make our city better.
Thank you to our team – please take a moment to thank the volunteers, the staff, contractors and sponsors by supporting these contributors.

Special Thanks to MATT MURRAY who held TEDx Raleigh for over eight years and helped us make this event extra special.

Curator – Bearta Alchacar

Passionate about Raleigh and our welcoming community.

Founder of Raleigh’s International Food Festival, NC Vibes, Flower Shop Owner, Raising Raleigh Podcast Host, Human Relations Commissioner and mom of three amazing boys!

Awesome Volunteers!

Larisa AlekSandra
Elaina Athans
Clodagh Bastian
Sharon Delaney McCloud
Sean Maroney
Olena Milovanova

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