Neal Bakshi

Your Suitcase Can Cure An Epidemic

The latest epidemic affecting over half of all Americans is as dangerous as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day. Packing your suitcase might just hold the cure.

Neal Bakshi, Founder & CEO

Neal Bakshi is a global experience creator and best-selling author. He is a former Goldman Sachs investment banking vice president, whose passion is traveling around the world to cultivate genuine human connection and design life-changing experiences.

Benjamin Bode

Unlocking the Hidden Science of Reasoning

Contrary to our conventional understanding of logic, a profound secret is hidden in plain sight: that logic is really a powerful and accessible science that we can apply today to improve our personal and professional lives.

Benjamin Bode, Logic Consultant and Creator of Framing Logic

Benjamin Bode is an enterprise level logic consultant and the creator of Framing Logic, a content channel that brings the science of logic to individuals seeking to improve their reasoning skills by leveraging the science of logic.

Teresa Harding

The Transformation Principle: How Great Success Comes From Thinking Backwards

Success in anything happens the exact opposite of what most people think. When you can change that perspective and shift it backwards... it will change your ability to create success!

Teresa Harding, Business, Life, & Mindset Strategist

Teresa Harding, a global entrepreneur and bestselling author, has empowered millions with her business strategies. Her company generates over a billion dollars annually across 50+ countries. She actively supports educational and charitable causes worldwide.

Lynda Harlos

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

Media bias about sex trafficking has led us to believe it only affects the homeless or drug addicts. In reality, domestic sex trafficking is happening in our own cities, towns, and possibly even in our own homes.

Lynda Harlos, Sex Trafficking and Abuse Prevention Educator

Lynda Harlos, a Talk Show Host and Certified Family Coach, shifted her focus in 2019 to primarily educate the public about domestic sex trafficking.

Kristin Hiemstra

Emotional Intelligence Revolution

Let's talk about the Emotional Intelligence Revolution, where students master the art of understanding and managing their emotions while in school. Imagine with me, a world where empathy, resilience, and tolerance were the rule rather than the exception.

Kristin Hiemstra, Founder & CEO of AlightSuccess Leadership Academy

Kristin Hiemstra, M.Ed., PCC has over 20 years experience in teaching and consulting on Emotional Intelligence. Kristin runs AlightSuccess Personal and Professional Leadership Academy and is an Adjunct Lecturer at North Carolina State's Poole College of Management.

Mark Hulsewe

The Great Rescue: Ending School Shootings

How do we address the root cause of school shootings - implementing an abstract solution to solve the problem.

Mark Hulsewe, Executive Producer

Mark Hulsewe... 10 years in the entertainment industry and now an executive film producer. Ready to raise the collective consciousness of humanity.

Daisy Magnus-Aryitey

Hardwired to Innovate

Daisy Magnus-Aryitey, Co-Executive Director, Code the Dream

Daisy is a software engineer and the Co-Executive Director of Code the Dream, a national tech non-profit that serves people from low-income, diverse communities. She is passionate about building inclusive educational experiences and technology that benefits all of us.

Mark Matteson


Why do we wait until someone has died to reflect upon, write about and say thank you for helping us to become the person we have become?

Mark Matteson, President, Sparking Success LLC

Mark Matteson is President of Sparking Success LLC. He has given over 1,500 talks the last 30 years around the globe. A committed reader and writer, he has read two books a week since 1993.

Dr. Laura Noel

Intuition in Leadership: Embracing the Uncomfortable Edge

Intuitive wisdom is real, and it’s accessible to all of us. But we’ve been conditioned to ignore, discount, or even override that “internal GPS,” favoring information derived from external sources. My research in neuroscience and decision-making reveals that by ignoring this important part of us, we are not living up to our highest potential. I'll show you how to tap into your internal GPS.

Dr. Laura Noel, Leadership Psychologist

Laura Noel is a Doctor of Leadership Psychology, an ICF-accredited Executive coach, and a 27-year military veteran. Laura helps her clients stretch their thinking and communication skills in a way that helps them elevate their effectiveness as leaders of self and others.

Dr. Chris Pineda

The Power of a Gesture: Why Transformation is Caught, not Taught

As leaders, by breaking out of the “taught” transactional greetings (like the handshake) and embracing the meaning and depth of Indigenous greetings from the Asia-Pacific region (the Ung’gno/Hongi), we are able to begin “catching” transformation–transformation is caught not taught.

Dr. Chris Pineda, Founder and Managing Director of Groundwork Leadership

Chris Pineda, PhD, is a leadership expert who uses storytelling to inspire deep introspection and collective growth. Leading Groundwork Leadership, he integrates his Asia-Pacific heritage to empower leaders across sectors, fostering meaningful connections and lasting change in communities.